Wardrobe Disclosure - Parade

Date: 2010
Principal Investigator: Kay Politowicz
Funded by: CCW

Parade was organised by the CCW research cluster Critical Practice and was a project that explored the diverse and often contested conceptions of art being in public. It took place on the Chelsea Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground and consisted of a range of different ‘stall holders’ forming a ‘Market of Ideas’.

Parade offered a platform for textiles staff and research students from TED to invite reflection from a passing audience about emotional attachment to items of their clothing, as part of TED’s Wardrobe Disclosure stall. If up to 80% of a product’s environmental costs are determined at the design stage, then the challenge facing designers is to invent new approaches, including slowing down the accelerating stream of garments going to landfill. By gathering and acting upon information gathered through an informal survey about the ‘emotional durability’ of clothing, designers can play a radical and innovative part in proposing a more sustainable society.

Project outcomes

Politowicz K, ‘Make Your Wardrobe Public’, in: Critical Practice , Parade - Public Modes of Assembly and Forms of Address, 2011

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