TED Summer Debate 2010

15 July 2010

Chelsea College of Art & Design


"Sustainable Design in the Real World is just an Educators Fantasy...."


For this event, four speakers were asked to take up a position pro the motion and anti the motion for 10 minutes respectively, to make their case. The audience were then asked to vote, for which speaker they preferred. The speakers were: Kieren Jones, recent RCA product design graduate and 'professional amateur; Clare Brass, eco designer and founder of SEED Foundation; Sandy McLennan, textile designer and founder of CLASS; and Dr Otto von Busch, fashion hacktivist and researcher.


The event was designed to be a challenge to the assumptions often made by committed environmentalists, that the case for sustainable design is already made. Higher Education in Art and Design has, in some cases embraced and in others nodded, towards the inclusion of sustainable strategies for design thinking in the curriculum.


Where do we all stand? This two hour experience was designed to nudge each of us closer to a view, with some creative argument, humour and a good deal of common sense. In this issue as designers, manufacturers, educators or students, how real is our view of the real world?


Transcriptions available here.


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