People's Print

Date: 2009 - ongoing

Principal Investigator: Melanie Bowles


The ‘Peoples Print’ is a series of textile design projects that develops new systems for participatory design to empower consumers through direct involvement in the design and making process. 

The project explores methods of co-design, Slow and emotional durable design concepts, which transform consumers into co-designers of textiles and garments, using interactive methods of DIY, handmade, and traditional techniques. These methods, re-formed with modern-day digital production, create an individual bespoke printed pattern that reflects the character of the user and their environment.

Finally, utilising local print bureaus and sewing services for the production and making of a final garment.

The Projects include:

Slow Grow Mary’s Sweet pea Shirt
The Brixton Market Skirt
The Wallpaper Dress

Kathy’s Kaleidoscope Scarves
The Brockwell Rose Brixton



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