MISTRA Future Fashion – phase 2

Date: 2015 – 2019

Principal Investigator: Dr Kate Goldsworthy

Co-Investigator: Professor Rebecca Earley

Project Partners: SP, Innventia, Chalmers, Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School, Swerea IVF, Filippa K

Funded by: MISTRA, Sweden

Mistra Future Fashion has been awarded an additional four years funding to build on the first successful phase of research outcomes. The program started 2011, and is a cross-disciplinary research program with the vision towards closing the loop in fashion and clothing; creating systemic change in the Swedish fashion industry leading to sustainable development of the industry and society.


New knowledge developed from the first phase of the project defines the focus for phase two which will concentrate on the circular economy via four main areas: Design, Supply Chain, User, and Recycling.


The TED team will investigate how to design for a circular economy by exploring the spectrum of potential for short-life vs. long-life garments. They will develop prototypes, recommendations, guidelines and tools for how to design for resource circularity within a context of speed. Furthermore, the consortium will look at how to promote a more sustainable circular supply chain, as well as how to encourage sustainable user behaviour and increase user engagement in sustainable consumption. Lastly, they will develop knowledge on recycling methods and impact of post-consumer textiles to provide guidance on necessary steps to enable sustainable textile recycling.


Mistra Future Fashion phase two aims to create a dynamic and robust relationship between the research community and practitioners working in or with the Swedish/Nordic Fashion industry.


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