London Sustainable Innovation

Kay Politowicz selected graduates of 2012 who demonstrated an inventive approach to contemporary design. For them, sustainability is synonymous with good design – and represents a potentially successful way of doing business, based on the underlying principles of sustainability.

Many design graduates are setting up in business using local skills and resources. SME's are networking to provide themselves with material streams (including waste-streams) and with collaborative solutions to shared technologies in the production of textiles.

Traditional textile crafts - previously abandoned as uneconomic, are now being revived to make luxury products to complement the mass production of cheap basics. Coalitions between hand-made ‘one-offs’ and digital technology are revolutionising an approach to distributed manufacture by young designer-makers. Big business is taking note of trends in this area and are looking for scalable translations into large scale production for competitive advantage.

Polyfloss Factory – Royal College of Art

Paulo Goldstein – Central Saint Martins

Dahea Sun – Central Saint Martins

Cara Piazza – Chelsea College of Art & Design

Beth Glennie - Chelsea College of Art & Design

Alei Verspoor - Royal College of Art

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