Cultures of Resilience

Date: 2014 - 2016


Principal Investigator: Becky Earley


Cultures of Resilience (CoR) is a two year, cross UAL project that aims to research and present a new cultural discourse on resilience. This is done in the hope of bringing about a more resilient society, better able to cope with the crises and disasters of the early twenty-first century. The CoR programme of events intend to bring together the CoR project groups and collaborators, to provide a space for the exchange of information and the documentation of research and actions associated with the project.


Prof Rebecca Earley and PhD students Bridget Harvey and Clara Vuletich will conduct three workshops Repair Before the Break, Cool School Tools and Shavasana Shirt as part of the Cultures of Resilience 4 day event programme included in the University of the Arts, London, Research Fortnight celebrating research activities in the University.


Repair Before the Break builds on the discourse of repair and encourages participants to think about repair before the break, asking what forms might be understood to be resilient, flourishing and repairable, prototyping ideas for objects that communicate repairability using drawings, mappings and lo-fi objects.


Cool School Tools will include staff and pupils from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School to explore regenerational inventiveness using a toolbox to to explore the basic premise agents + tools = resilience. Lining the gallery with plastic sheeting, wallpaper lengths and garments, primary school children will use the toolbox to upcycle t-shirts from the lost property department using mark-making through play with a range of toys to create a wall installation, finished garments, film and curriculum resource pack.


Shavasana Shirt will transform the gallery into a yoga studio for a one-hour yoga workshop conducted in the studio and via Skype from Australia; and whilst the participants meditate and move they will use transfer inks to mark make on their wallpaper yoga mats. The resulting ‘designs’ will be used to co-create an overprinted upcycled shirt. Shavasana, the ‘corpse pose’, will end the session, from which the participants will be reborn, to be more mindful designers and consumers.


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