Creative Transition

Date: 2011 - ongoing

Principal Investigators: Dr Hayley Newman, David Cross, Edwina Fitzgerald, Becky Earley, Prof. Kay Politowicz, Clara Vuletich

Funded by: CCW Graduate School

“It all starts off when a small collection of motivated individuals within a community come together with a shared concern: how can our community respond to the challenges, and opportunities, of Peak Oil and Climate Change?”

Creative Transition is a series of parallel events taking place at Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Art. Creative Transition is a testing ground for experimentation and evaluation of Fine Art and Design approaches to creative resilience.

This proposal is the first within a more long-term project that asks: how do we make Art and Design schools resilient and sustainable in the current social, economic and ecological climate? The Transition Town movement aims at raising awareness and instilling practices to facilitate communities in transition from dependence and consumption, to resilience and sustainability. We intend to develop and adapt the Transition Town model to suit the needs of Art and Design colleges, through the creative transition of academic, institutional and community practice.

CCW is made-up of three colleges, each with its own academic character. This project is designed to operate within the CCW Graduate School at both local college level and as a cross-college collaboration. This is a bottom-up approach to a top-down imperative; a strategy reflected in our choice to look at adaptation methodologies being developed by grass-roots organisations such as the Transition Towns movement.



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