Conversations on (a) Slow Craft

Date: 2009

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Earley

Funded by: Craftspace

TED members and guest artists/designers took a barge trip along a London canal, and discussed ‘slow design’ and what it means to them and their textiles practice. The conversations were themed in the following way:

Session 1: What does ‘slow’ mean to you and your practice as a textiles designer? How does teaching impact on your practice in a positive way? In what way does research affect the speed / quality of your work?

Session 2: Slow Food lunch discussion - What is the Slow Food movement about? Are the issues and ideas transferable / relevant to textile design?

Session 3: Slow and the Textiles Industry - What does slow, speed and quality mean in large-scale textile production? How could the ideas behind the slow movement improve the ecological impacts created in the textiles industry?

Session 4: A Japanese Sashiko embroidery workshop, led by Emma Neuberg of the Slow Textiles Group.

Session 5: What ideas do we have for a practice-based collaborative slow textiles project?

The format for this one day event will be repeated in different UK cities, and will include groups of local makers and artists conversing on slow modes of transport. The final outcomes will be the publication of the edited transcripts.

Audio from the day available here


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