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“Trash-2-Cash is a new EU-funded research project that aims to design high-quality products from zero-value waste textiles and fibres via design driven technologies. Professor Rebecca ... more →

MISTRA Future Fashion – phase 2

Mistra Future Fashion has been awarded an additional four years funding to build on the first successful phase of research outcomes. The program started 2011, ... more →

Cultures of Resilience

Cultures of Resilience (CoR) is a two year, cross UAL project that aims to research and present a new cultural discourse on resilience. This is ... more →

MISTRA Future Fashion

This research programme is funded by the Swedish Government via Mistra, the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, to bring about a significant change in the ... more →

Creative Transition

“It all starts off when a small collection of motivated individuals within a community come together with a shared concern: how can our community respond ... more →

Top 100

Top 100 began ten years ago as a personal project that was a creative antidote to the demands of both the researcher’s design label – ... more →

Laser Line

Dr Kate Goldsworthy’s research into new technologies, which offer more sustainable production and finishing processes, provide the basis for the Laser Line ... more →


Prof. Becky Earley – FIREup (Fashion, Innovation, Research and Enterprise) is a one-year initiative based at University of the Arts London (UAL), ... more →

Short Life

Kay Politowicz has become increasingly interested in the potential for design to affect an environmentally damaging ‘fast fashion’ throwaway culture, which is ... more →

People's Print

The ‘Peoples Print’ is a series of textile design projects that develops new systems for participatory design to empower consumers through direct involvement in the ... more →

Wall: Digital Hands

This is a collaborative project between TED and several partners in India that brings together traditional crafts with emerging technologies to anticipate new solutions in ... more →

(D)urability Day

Inspired by the ‘La Duree’ concept explored by fashion designer Martin Margiela, TED members developed a practical workshop to whitewash and overprint garments from our ... more →

Responsible Living

In 2011 TED was selected by VF Corporation, USA – the largest fashion conglomerate in the world – to curate an exhibition of prototypes to ... more →

Wardrobe Disclosure - Parade

Parade was organised by the CCW research cluster Critical Practice and was a project that explored the diverse and often contested conceptions of art being ... more →

London Sustainable Innovation

Kay Politowicz selected graduates of 2012 who demonstrated an inventive approach to contemporary design. For them, sustainability is synonymous with good design ... more →

Fast ReFashion

A key approach for TED researchers is to facilitate workshops that can inspire consumers and designers to engage with materials towards closed-loop thinking and action, ... more →

Worn Again: Rethinking Recycled Textiles

The Worn Again project aimed to investigate textiles recycling, looking to the textile design researcher/practitioner to propose significant change through the creation of high quality ... more →

Twice Upcycled

Mindful of the impact of textile and clothing production on the environment, Earley and Goldsworthy have developed a series of Twice Upcycled garments. Upcycling refers ... more →

TFRG in Second Life™

Simonson co-curated this exhibition of work from members of the Textile Futures Research Group (TFRG) in the virtual platform, Second Life™. The work was launched ... more →

Mind the Gap

This project was a collaboration between TED member Lorna Bircham and public artist and Chelsea colleague Sue Ridge. This research was undertaken with the support ... more →

Digital Craft

Digital textile design and print is a fast growing development in the textiles and fashion. This is having a huge impact on the look of ... more →

Well Fashioned: Eco Style in the UK

‘Well Fashioned’, curated by Rebecca Earley aimed to review the existing state of eco fashion in the UK and was the first exhibition that surveyed this ... more →

Dress to Art

Rebecca Earley developed this collaborative research project as part of the Well Fashioned exhibit at the Crafts Council, London. This project brought together three experts ... more →

Particle Fabrics

This project represents research into the developments of fabric production for interiors. The work was part fo the ‘Shadows of the Infinite’ project, exhibited at ... more →

TFRC/Craftspace Slow Summit 2011

TFRC/Craftspace Slow Summit 2011

8 July 2011 University of the Arts London   The fourth event from the 2011 TFRC Open Lecture series, run in conjunction with Craftspace, examines ... more →

Assam Silk Project

The main objective of this project was to help promote the unique silk industry of the area of Assam, one of the seven North Eastern ... more →

TED Summer Debate 2010

TED Summer Debate 2010

15 July 2010 Chelsea College of Art & Design   "Sustainable Design in the Real World is just an Educators Fantasy...."   For this event, ... more →

TFRC Sustainable Textiles Seminar

TFRC Sustainable Textiles Seminar

25 March 2011 Chelsea College of Art & Design   This was the second event in the TFRC Open Lecture series, and introduced Prof. Mike ... more →

5 Ways

5 Ways was a project by Earley and Fletcher made up of five inter-connected approaches to fashion textile design. It brought together creativity and ecological ... more →

The Indigo at Eden Project

A group project involving TED, the creative team at the Eden Project, and scientists from Bristol and Reading Universities (Spindigo Project). Outcomes included a yurt ... more →

Ever & Again exhibition

19 – 25 October 2007 Chelsea College of Art & Design       more →

Ever & Again Symposium

17 July 2008 Chelsea College of Art & Design   This Symposium was one of the key outcomes from the Worn Again research project. The ... more →

Trash Fashion: Natural & Synthetic Textiles Upcycling

Four TED designers worked together to produce two exhibits to represent the idea of ‘upcycling’ at the Science Museum’s Trash Fashion: Designing Out Waste exhibition. ... more →

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Lamp – Printed Light

The aim of this project is to develop a window-blind light prototype, by exploring alternative applications for electro-luminescent printing. Electroluminescence will be printed directly onto ... more →

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Conversations on (a) Slow Craft

TED members and guest artists/designers took a barge trip along a London canal, and discussed ‘slow design’ and what it means to them and their ... more →

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