Prof. Rebecca Earley

Becky is a designer and researcher whose printed textiles have been widely published and exhibited over the last twenty years. She has been a lead researcher at Textiles Environment Design (TED) since 2000 and Director of the Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC) since 2010. She researches sustainable design strategy; curates exhibitions; creates materials, models and prototypes; and mentors other designers and researchers to explore TED’s vision of a more sustainable industry and culture. Becky works with organisations to embed sustainable design research within the corporate culture. Recent clients include H&M, VF Corporation, Puma, DAFI, Sustainable Fashion Academy and Zero Waste Scotland.


Research Interests


Becky’s practice is concerned with researching the role of the designer in creating institutional and cultural change towards more sustainable and circular, closed-loop practices. Becky co-developed TED’s The TEN - sustainable strategies which educate and inspire users to make more informed and innovative decisions. Becky uses design-led methods in workshop scenarios to systematically reconsider the design process and generate new systemic visions; as well as practice-based methods to test the visions in social and commercial contexts. Recent research roles include: the Swedish funded MISTRA Future Fashion project; the EU funded H2020 Trash to Cash project; and the FIRE Up and Worn Again projects (AHRC).


Current Research Projects



Key Expertise


Sustainable Design, Textiles & Fashion, Cyclability, Circular Economy, Design Facilitation, Leadership


Most Recent Published Work


Exhibition Curation & Artefacts

  • Earley, R., & Goldsworthy, K. (2014-2015) Textile Toolbox, online showcase for Mistra Future Fashion. Touring exhibition: London, Glasgow, Copenhagen, New York, Borås, Uppsala, Falmouth
  • Earley, R., & Dodd, I. (2014) Shanghai Shirt, Textile Toolbox exhibition tour; Green showcase, Whitworth Museum, Manchester; Textile Toolbox exhibition tour.
  • Earley, R., (2014) ReDress Shirt. Milan Furniture Fair; Textile Toolbox exhibition tour.
  • Earley, R., (2013) Fractal Shirt / Shirt Film. 10th European Academy of Design Conference - Crafting the future. 17–19 April, Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg.



  • Earley, R. et al (2015) The Textile Toolbox: New Design Thinking, Materials and Processes for Sustainable Textiles in a Fashion Context: MISTRA End of Award Report, Sweden.
  • Earley, R., & Goldsworthy, K. (2015) Designing for Fast and Slow Circular Fashion Systems, NTU, PLATE Conference. 17-19 June.
  • Earley, R., & Vuletich, C. (2015) Holistic Fashion Design, in Fashion Design for the Curious: Why Study Fashion, by Kishor Vaidya, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia.
  • Earley, R., & Harvey, B. (2015) Elastic Learning Tools, in Cultures of Resilience (CoR), Ezio Manzini and Jeremy Till. Hato Press; London.
  • Earley, R. & Ballie, J. (2014) Black Hack Chat, in In the Making: The Power to the People Workshop Track at Crafting the Future (von Busch), The Design Journal. Volume 17; Issue 3.
  • Earley, R & Politowicz, K. (2013) The TEN: A Tool for Narrative Prototypes. In: Wilson, M. & van Ruiten, S. Handbook for Artistic Research Education. Amsterdam, Dublin, Gothenburg: DIT/GradCAM and ELIA.


Conferences, Talks & Presentaions 

  • Earley, R. et al (2015) A New ‘T’ for Textiles: Training design researchers to Inspire Buying Office Staff Towards Sustainability at Hennes and Mauritz (H&M), The Value of Design Research, EAD11, Paris Descartes University - Paris College of Art – ISTEC Paris, Paris & Boulogne sur Seine France, April 17-19.
  • Earley, R. (2014) The “i” In The Textile Team, invited keynote at Transition, University of Huddersfield, 26-27 November. 
  • Andersen, K.R., & Earley, R. (2014) Design Thinking for Sustainability: A Case Study of a Research Project between Hennes & Mauritz and Textiles Environment Design, at 20th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Trondheim, Norway: Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
  • Earley, R & Politowicz, K. (2013) We Shape Our Tools, Then They Tools Shape Us. Research Through Design, Newcastle: University of Northumbria 
  • Earley R. (2012), Barriers & Opportunities, MISTRA Future Fashion Symposium, Copenhagen Business School
  • Earley R. (2012), TED's TEN, PUMA Sustainable Design Collective, PUMA, London
  • Earley R. (2011), TED's TEN: Design Strategies for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles, Avancell Conference, Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden
  • Earley R. and Politowicz K (2011), TED's TEN, President's Summit, VF Corporation, MIT Media Lab, USA
  • Earley R. (2011), Upcycling Textiles, Digital Technology for Textiles, Metropolitan Works
  • Earley R. (2011), Upcycling Textiles: Adding Value Through Design, Towards Sustainability in the Fashion Industry Conference, KEA/Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Copenhagen
  • Earley R. (2011), TED, TFRC and Me, Achieving Better Social & Environmental Performance Through Design, Sustainable Fashion Academy, Stockholm (Seminar Workshop)
  • Earley R. (2010), B.Earley: Sustainable Design Stories, Untangle Sustainability, Future Factory, Nottingham
  • Earley R. (2010), Upcycling Textiles: Adding Value Through Design, Gucci Group presentation, Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC), London
  • Earley R. (2010), B.Earley: Sustainable Design Stories, Fashion & Textiles Course, Shenkar College, Tel Aviv
  • Earley R. (2010), What’s My Textile Footprint? , Craft Rally, Crafts Council , Millenium Gallery, Sheffield
  • Earley R. (2010), Keynote Address, Top 100: Upclose and Personal 1999-2009, Slow Textiles Conference, Stroud International Textile Festival
  • Earley R. (2010), TED: Making Theory Into Textiles, Craft Rally, Crafts Council , Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
  • Earley R. and Politowicz K (2010), Interconnected Design Thinking, Green Lab, Weissensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin


Industry Keynotes & Advisory Roles

  • 2015 FIT Summer Institute: Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles: Reinvention and Innovation.
  • 2015 Global Change Award judge, Conscious Foundation, H&M, Sweden.
  • 2015 The Forest on the Catwalk. SP seminar at Borås Textile Fashion Centre, Borås, Sweden.
  • 2015 Beyond Trends in Sustainability, Textile Institute London & South East England Section and the SDC.
  • 2014 Competition Judge, Esthetica, London Fashion Week.
  • 2014 Textile Toolbox: House of Lords, All Parliamentary Working Group for Design and Innovation (APDIG)
  • 2014 The Redress Forum, Hong Kong.
  • 2013 H&M Head Office, Stockholm.
  • 2013 Advisory Board Member, Fashion Revolution Day, London.



Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @rlearley

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