Lorna Bircham
Associate Researcher

Lorna Bircham is a weave designer, course director for MA Textile Design at Chelsea, and researcher whose project work has explored the environmental impact of textiles across the whole lifecycle: including low-impact dyes; low-launder/use phase; and the re-use of materials.

Research Interests


Lorna has undertaken several sustainable craft development projects in Assam, India, where she has developed techniques with rural weavers and their local eri and muga silks. By building up many international connections through academic assignments in Europe, India and Thailand, she has also established invaluable educational and research opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students with an interest in sustaining traditional textile processes.


Current Research projects



  • Title Digital Hands  Lorna is currently developing and testing new product possibilities using Muga silk cloth hand woven in Assam and digitally printed in Delhi. A prototype was exhibited at the CCW staff exhibition in the Cookhouse Gallery “One Place Ten” in January 2015



Key Expertise

Weave, design education, development, artisan, interiors, international

Bircham Lorna

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