Dr. Jen Ballie
Associate Researcher

Jen is a designer and researcher whose design journey began within the discipline of textile design but quickly became interdisciplinary drawing upon user experience, interaction and service design. Jen was awarded her PhD from the University of the Arts, London (2014). Her practice based research titled ‘e-Co-Textile design’ applied the concept of ‘fashion activism’ to explore how textile design and making, might be combined with social and digital media tools, to pilot alternative fast fashion models and promote sustainability.

Jen has designed collaborative projects and piloted them with retailers Marks and Spencer and ASOS and showcased work within the London Design Festival and Victoria and Albert Museum, London alongside consulting on projects for Zero Waste Scotland and the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. Jen also contributes to the Global Service Design Jam’s each year and has participated within Make-a-thon’s at IDEO, London. In her spare time, Jen is volunteer coordinator for Fashion Revolution in Scotland, an online global movement initiated to raise awareness about ethics in the fashion industry.

Jen’s currently a Research Fellow at the Glasgow School of Art within the Digital Health and Care Institute.


Research Interests


Jen’s practice is focused on researching the role of service design for fashion and textiles with emphasis on the circular economy. Within her current role at the Digital Health and Care Institute, Jen will be designing experience labs to research and develop new digital service for healthcare. Recent research roles include: Principal Investigator (PI) for AHRC Creative Showcase Award to develop ‘Design KIT’, a toolkit designed to knowledge exchange and innovation through design-led methods and approaches. Co-Investigator (CoI) for AHRC Proto-Publics funding to prototype and pilot an enquiry machine to support co-enquiry and citizen engagement.


Current Research projects



Key Expertise


Sustainable Design, Textiles & Fashion, Circular Economy, Design Facilitation, Service Design, Co-Design, Health and Wellbeing


Most recent published work


  • Ballie, J. Taylor, N. Simonella, A. 2015 ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ Pop Up Showcase for Fashion Revolution Day 24Th April, 2015. The Lighthouse, Glasgow, UK. April, 2015.


Publications & Conferences

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Website: www.jenjballie.com

Twitter: @jenballie


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