Isabel Dodd
Associate Researcher

Research Professoriate: Senior lecturer Textile Design BA Hons


MA RCA Embroidery 1993-95

Own label 1995- 2010 making and producing manipulated fabrics for fashion. I invented a screen-printed process using rubber which crinkled and sculpted the fabric which were made into luxury fashion accessories and later into womenswear collections by collaborating with fashion designer Ray Harris. The pieces were sold across Europe and America.

1999 ongoing Senior Lecturer Chelsea College of Art


Research Interests

My research focuses on manipulating fabrics through techniques and processes. I invent and develop methods which will distort and change the surface of the fabric. This could be by embroidery, printing, bonding and melting, often passing through a chemical solution, all for the same outcome – to manipulate.

I am passionate about seeing the outcome of a process, to see how a fabric can change by reinventing its surface.


Current Research projects

Currently working on a collection of fabrics to be used as the inspiration for costume in film. A sci-fi film looking new and exciting surfaces to work with. I am using Synthetics, plastics and rubbers with embroidery techniques to sculpt the surfaces.


Key Expertise

Innovation, Textiles ,manipulation


Dodd Isabel

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