Graduate Showcase

Compton (BA 2012) Bryony

Bryony Compton (BA 2012)

Bryony Compton talks about her final degree project and her research into how trend forecasting and scenario bulding can be used ... read on →

Glennie (BA 2012) Beth

Beth Glennie (BA 2012)

Beth Glennie talks about her final degree project titled 'Emergence in Nature' and her research into the role of fashion/textile ... read on →

Piazza (BA 2012) Cara

Cara Piazza (BA 2012)

Cara disusses her graduate work that explored the idea of 'local textiles', using natural dyes and concepts of 'utopian urban ... read on →

Shah (MA 2011) Niketa

Niketa Shah (MA 2011)

Becky Earley talks to Niketa Shah about her MA project where she experiments with digital and hand textile print techniques. read on →

Miyamoto (BA 2011) Haruka

Haruka Miyamoto (BA 2011)

Becky Earley interviews final year BA textile design student Haruka Miyamoto on her project that explores using waste materials to ... read on →

Day (MA 2011) Catherine

Catherine Day (MA 2011)

Catherine Day talks to Becky Earley about her MA project working with a weaving community in Orissa, India and her ... read on →

Landalv (BA 2011) Josefin

Josefin Landalv (BA 2011)

Becky Earley talks to BA graduate Josefin Landalv, a weaver who has been inspired by new regenerated cellulose fibres and ... read on →

Diaz (MA 2011) Ana

Ana Diaz (MA 2011)

Ana Diaz explored the role of animation and video in communicating sustainability in the fashion system. read on →

Hawthorn (MA 2011) Lisa

Lisa Hawthorn (MA 2011)

Lisa Hawthorn discusses her MA project that explored the challenges of the Irish textile industry and the role of designers ... read on →

Erga (MA 2011) Kristel

Kristel Erga (MA 2011)

Kristel talks to Becky Earley about her MA work on upcycling materials using laser cutting. read on →

Fowles (BA 2011) Jo

Jo Fowles (BA 2011)

Jo Fowles talks about her graduate work that explores digital craft printing techniques. She also reflects on her thesis that ... read on →

Frere-Smith (BA 2011) Catherine

Catherine Frere-Smith (BA 2011)

Catherine has created a series of print designs based on her childhood in the English countryside that also incorporate a ... read on →

Redman (BA 2010) Katherine

Katherine Redman (BA 2010)

Katherine Redman discusses her final year project that explores a personal and 'emotionally durable' approach to upcycling old car interiors, ... read on →

Jones (BA 2009) Celina

Celina Jones (BA 2009)

Celina Jones discusses her final year project and thesis which explored the notion of Peak Oil and what it means ... read on →

Roebuck (BA 2009) Julia

Julia Roebuck (BA 2009)

Julia Roebuck explores upcycling and textile waste in her final collection and thesis. read on →

Moys (BA 2009) Beatrice

Beatrice Moys (BA 2009)

Beatrice Moys discusses her 'digital craft' approach to designing printed textiles. read on →

Penny (BA 2008) Mary

Mary Penny (BA 2008)

Mary Penny talks about her research into weaving both in the Welsh wool industry and in Laos. read on →

Skinner (BA 2008) Emily

Emily Skinner (BA 2008)

Emily Skinner's graduate collection and thesis was exploring the question of how smart materials and sustainability can work together. read on →

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