We believe that new ideas and research should be made available to a wide audience, which is why we try to record and disseminate as many of our talks and lectures as possible. We just ask you to please credit anything you use in the appropriate way.

Perspectives on Sustainable Design

TFRC/TED Lecture, 2012 | Dr. Jonathan Chapman, gave the keynote lecture as part of the University of the Arts London’s Green Week activities and TFRC’s Open Lecture series. Chapman's talk was titled 'Rethinking Good Design in an Unsustainable Age', and he argued that designers, and design thinking and processes, have a big role to play in creating more sustainable futures.
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Sustainable Design in the Real World is just an Educator's Fantasy.....

TED Summer Debate, 2010 | For this event, four speakers were asked to take up a position pro the motion and anti the motion for 10 minutes respectively, to make their case. The audience were then asked to vote, for which speaker they preferred. The speakers were: Kieren Jones; Sandy McLennan; Clare Brass and Dr Otto von Busch.  
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Earley R., Top 100: Upclose and Personal 1999 - 2009

Slow Textiles Conference, 2010 | Becky Earley describes her ten year Slow fashion project, upcycling polyster shirts for longevity.
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Vuletich C., Slow Design: An Emerging Design Practice

Slow Textiles Conference, 2010 | Clara Vuletich discusses her emerging work as a practice-based textile design researcher in the context of the Slow Design movement.
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Interview with Curator - Becky Earley

Well Fashioned: Eco Style in the UK, 2006
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