Key Publications

This is a list of our published papers. Being designers, creating written outcomes from our research is often a challenge but we are currently exploring new ways to publish and write about our research for academic audiences, that is unique to practice-based textile design researchers.

Ballie J., ‘E-co-Textile Design: constructing a community of practice for textile design education ’, in: The Endless End Conference Proceedings, European Academy of Design (EAD)
Earley R. (2011), Worn Again: Rethinking Recycled Textiles Project Report (2005 - 2009), TED
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Politowicz K, ‘Make Your Wardrobe Public’, in: Critical Practice (2011), Parade - Public Modes of Assembly and Forms of Address, 978-0-9558628-3-0, CCW Graduate School
Goldsworthy K. , ‘Borrowed materials: Laser-finished textiles for a closed-loop polyester economy’, in: Sustainability in Design NOW!: Challenges /opportunities for Design Research, Education and Practice, Bangalore, India: LENS (Learning Network on Sustainability)
Earley R., Goldsworthy K. and Vuletich C., ‘Textiles Environment Design (TED): Making Theory Into Textiles Through Sustainable Design Strategies, Pedagogy and Collaboration’, in: Brink Renata and Ulrich Marion (2010), Future Textile Environments, University of Applied Sciences, HAW College Hamburg
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Politowicz K, ‘Textiles: The Sustainability of Research’, in: Politowicz K (2009), Futurescan: Mapping the Territory, Conference Proceedings, 978 1 907382 30 7, Association of Fashion & Textile Courses
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Earley R., ‘The New Designers: Working Towards our Eco Fashion Future’, in: Dressing Rooms: Current Perspectives on Fashion & Textiles,
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Earley R. (2007), Ever & Again: Experimental Recycled Textiles - Exhibition Catalogue, 978-0-9557269-0-3, TED

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