Ever & Again exhibition

19 – 25 October 2007
Chelsea College of Art & Design

Ever & Again is an AHRC funded group research project concerned with textiles recycling from the designer’s perspective. It is about ‘upcycling’ – where the products must improve upon the original textile in some way.  The researchers recognise that there needs to be an economic incentive for textiles recycling to have a future in the UK.

Most of the particpating designers in this exhibition were in the second year of the research project and had been part of a series of workshops exploring recycling in the context of four key sustainable design strategies that included ethical production; long life/short life; new technolgies and systems and services design.

For this exhibition, the curator Rebecca Earley asked the designers to think about recycling in its broadest sense, in the most innovative and creative of ways, before focusing on creating an exhibit that explores an aspect of the project brief in more detail.

Five guest artists, designers and writers were also invited to develop exhibits, so that the themes could be explored in other contexts. In addition, the exhibition also contained the work of eighteen  textiles graduates from Chelsea. After being introduced to eco textile design through their course work, they have gone into the working world and put some of these ideas into practice.

Running along side the exhibition was a curated series of workshops for students and schools, and guided tours by the curator.

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