BA & MA Courses

The introduction by staff of research thinking into the taught curriculum for both the BA and MA Textile Design students has significantly enriched the student experience, leading also to the ongoing development of new teaching methods.

Studio projects offered to students in Stages 1 and 2 of the BA Course have consciously taken the research theme of sustainability as the focus. This has encouraged students to engage with the ideas in a fresh, well-informed way.

In the theory programme, the introductory ‘Impact’ lecture series complements the set studio programme for these students in a way that encourages further development of design strategies in their self-directed studio practice at the final stage of BA and at MA level.

The impressive uptake of thesis topics with an environmental agenda and the well informed approaches to sustainable design practice, have led to innovative projects at MA and in the business plans and professional careers of new graduates.

“… it has become apparent that the exceptional TED resources have proved equally invaluable to undergraduates, and this resource is being well used to discuss and research dissertation topics as well as address philosophical and practical concerns arising from studio practice.” Jo Turney (external examiner in critical theory, 2007)




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